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Science resources

I was exploring some Science-related resources today and wanted to share a few good ones. FOSSweb (http://www.fossweb.com) has lots of inquiry-based science resources for elementary and middle school. Many zoos across the country (e.g. San Diego, Denver, Omaha) also have helpful animal-related science resources. For example, Omaha Zoo has online resources for educators related to butterflies, habitat, amphibians, and Madagascar (Omaha Zoo online teacher resources). They also have distance learning and Zoo-to-You programs for accessing learning opportunities from the zoo even if you can’t go on a field trip there (Omaha Zoo educational programs) — check out the sample Zoo-to-You resources on penguins (Penguin Playing Cards PDF and Penguin Conservation Lesson PDF).

Soda Bottle Science Resources

Here are a few ideas for ways to use soda bottles in science:

Also, a couple of books on the topic:

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